How it works

Simple, yet powerful.

Boxie simplifies the order management and pickup flow by automatically handling the time-consuming tasks for you.

Order comes in

Boxie receives the orders directly from the integration partners. Boxie also connect with any system with custom integrations.


Order is assigned

Once the order is accepted (either manually or automatically) Boxie choses an available locker and assigns the order to it. At that moment, the displays start to show the customer's name, a progress bar with the estimated preparation time, the logo of the ordering app, and a QR code to track the order from the phone. In addition, when a phone number is provided, an SMS message with link to track the order is sent out.


Push ready button

Skip the tablets by simply start placing the various items of the order in the locker, once it's all there, press the "ready" button. At this moment, delivery apps are signaled that the order is complete, the displays start to show that the order is ready, the LED lights turn light green, and a text message is sent to the user.


Order is picked up

Users quickly open up the locker directly from their phones (no apps to install or barcodes to present). When a phone number is provided, a text message with a one-time unlock link is sent. Alternatively, users can scan the QR code displayed and answer a simple question about the order.

Boxie works with your existing systems